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CEO Rainer Westermayer

CEO Rainer Westermayer

Weka Handel

Founded 1966 (formerly Weka Handels Ges.m.b.H.) and since then involved with the development and supply of banking equipment we are constantly searching new and improved products for verifying and counting exactly delicated items like passports, credit cards, banknotes and more. target of the sales has been at any time the international market. Therefore the exportation of the own developed products has been combined with sales of equipment required from the goal-markets. Consequently our product line is offering an outstanding saving in time, costs and security for all banknote-printers, central and commercial banks, security printers, credit card and passport manufacturers. Of course we will try to meet individual requirements by modifications. This kind of policy has been continued over more than 50 years and has found the acceptance from our partners.